Wellness Team

Meet our Wellness Team

Ashlyn Jones | Wellness Analyst

Ashlyn Jones joined BCBSMT in 2016. As a Wellness Analyst, Ashlyn administers the Total Health Management Wellness Program to various employer groups across the state of Montana. Within this role, Ashlyn serves as a primary contact for clients, analyzes wellness data, and educates members on how to access and utilize the many health and wellness tools and resources BCBSMT has to offer.

Ashlyn is a registered dietitian and graduate of Montana State University. She completed her post-baccalaureate supervised practice with the Montana Dietetic Internship. Her prior experiences include clinical nutrition in a hospital and long-term facility, foodservice management and coordinator and nutrition educator for a local federal supplemental nutrition program.

Amanda Green | Reports Analyst

Amanda Green joined BCBSMT in 2016. As a Reports Analyst, Amanda assists the wellness team in administering the Total Health Management Wellness Program. She is the lead contact for various reports distributed by the wellness team to client groups.

Amanda holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from Montana State University-Billings. She has prior experiences in IT coordination, application administration and healthcare quality reporting.

Renee Kesler | Manager HCM Health Information Analysis

Renee Kesler joined BCBSMT in 2011. As Manager of Healthcare Management Health Information Analysis, Renee performs account consultant functions from the medical management and healthcare analytics perspective. She also serves as a primary contact for large Montana market accounts, delivers presentations for existing and prospective clients regarding health analytics, medical management and wellness programs.  As a liaison between marketing and health care management Renee analyzes data, interprets information in preparation for client meetings, and makes actionable recommendations on account population management.

Prior to her time at BCBSMT, Renee held key positions as a critical care nurse, advanced cardiovascular life support instructor, and nurse educator. Renee has clinical practice in quality improvement and legal nurse consulting, and held the position of health and wellness nurse educator prior to joining the clinical strategies and care models team.  Renee is a registered nurse and holds a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree from Montana State University.

Contact Us

Contact any member of the Wellness Team by emailing Wellness@bcbsmt.com. You may also call Customer Service and get routed to a Wellness Team member by calling 1.800.447.7828.