Wellness Development Services

How can the BCBSMT Wellness Team help you?

We want the opportunity to help your company develop, implement and maintain a successful internal wellness program.  We’ll visit with you about your company’s past and current wellness programs, determine what your company’s current needs are, and help you develop and implement a plan for moving forward.  Check out the 10 steps we’ve outlined below to ensure your success in building and maintaining strong wellness programs.  We are ready to work with you, whether you are starting with Step 1, or if you have a more advanced program, at levels 7-10!

STEP 1:    Obtain leadership commitment

STEP 2:    Create a team of champions 

STEP 3:    Conduct a needs analysis

STEP 4:    Build an internal employee wellness program

STEP 5:    Design your program and incentive structure

STEP 6:    Communicate and market your program

STEP 7:    Increase participation

STEP 8:    Report results

STEP 9:    Evaluate the program results

STEP 10:  Make wellness a part of your organization’s culture

Meet your Wellness Team!