STEP 2: Create a team of champions

STEP 2:  Create a team of champions 

  • Get representation from all areas and levels of the organization
  • Get people with a variety of skills, such as organizing events, motivating people, data analysis, and writing.
  • Choose a leader for the wellness team who understands management’s priorities as well as the vision of the team, and can integrate the two
  • Include other stakeholders and key players
  • Reach out to your internal experts (hospital groups)
  • Create a recruitment communication plan to get more people involved as you go
  • Outline team member expectations (volunteer time commitment, meeting attendance, etc.)
  • First Wellness Team Meeting Agenda (sample) here:
  • Select a team name
  • Determine meeting times and locations, and discuss how to include people located in district offices or buildings
  • Open up team communication for the most efficient and effective brainstorming sessions
  • Example wellness program and activity ideas