STEP 1: Obtain Leadership Commitment

STEP 1:  Obtain leadership commitment

Consider these parameters when addressing the scope and goals of your Company’s wellness program:

  • Find out what senior managers think about wellness
  • Outline management expectations
  • Find out what HR issues are of most concern to your organization’s management (for example, health care costs, absenteeism, turnover, disability claims)
  • Understand current benefits information, medical plan options, insurance carriers, major changes; etc.
  • Show senior management that improving the health practices of your employees pays off in these specific areas
  • Dedicate a key implementation contact person and job position (% of time dedicated to wellness operations) for company wellness initiatives
  • Consider company location(s) and demographic information when developing a wellness action plan (locations listed; population by location; percentage male/female; average age; etc.)
  • Understand past and/or current wellness initiatives (preventive/risk reduction services, participation rates, and challenges; onsite facility; programs; etc.)
  • Identify stand-out program activities or wellness concepts
  • Determine a budget